PROJECT 52 WEEKS Challenge

For me, scrapbooking is like exercising – I have to have lots of motivation and others to motivate me. This year – 2013 – I want to do a Project Life album / project. But, without motivation, I’m done before I even start! So, who wants to participate in a no-stress, no-cost, no-hassle challenge?

It will work something like this:

1. Each week you create a LO of your life—either using the Project Life album or a variation of your own design.

2. The first week will start on January 1st (Tuesday) and end on January 6th (Sunday). Subsequent weeks will begin on Monday and end on Sunday. You can create your LO any time during that week, as long as your picture is submitted by Sunday for that week.

3. Every Sunday, each participant will submit a picture of their LO of their week.

4. On Monday, I will post a picture of a prize that will be sent to the person who is randomly drawn from all the submissions – one submission per week.

5. Names from the previous week will remain in the prize draw. Winners names will be removed as they are drawn.

6. I may decide to do a “pop draw” like a pop quiz for the people whose names remain in the draw.

7. All you have to do is to create one LO per week and submit a picture of your weekly LO every Sunday.

8. Prizes may or may not be scrapbook related. On Monday I will post the prize for that week's draw (the following Monday).

9. In order to be eligible to participate, just become a Hodge Podge Goodies follower!

My goal with this challenge is to complete a one year – 52 weeks – album of my life. And to share this challenge with others who may want to partake in this endeavor also!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Where...did the time go??

It's the eve of New Year's Eve, and I'm surfing through the TV channels where every channel has its 2012 list of this and that. Can it be? Has 2012 already come, and is almost history? Alas, the date on my computer says, "12/30/2012" so it must be true. My list of 2012 highlights (in no particular order):

  • new job as a Reading Specialist
  • moved to Puerto Rico with my husband and daughter for my job
  • have seen, first hand, the amazing water that is the Carribbean
  • said a heart-breaking farewell to our dog, Louis
  • welcomed a new dog to the family -- Brandee, our lives will NEVER be the same
  • learning to navigate being a working mom (and by working, I mean outside the home)
  • learned to snorkel
  • turned 40 in November
I'm sure there are have been more exciting things in 2012 for me but I can't remember them :-)


aka kdsmommy (kylene danielle's mommy)

Escambrón Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Friday, December 28, 2012

A whole new something...

So, in the last six months I have gone from being depressingly unemployed to happily employed. I accepted a job with the DoD at Fort Buchanan in Puerto Rico in August. The Alatorre fam is now living the island life in sunny Puerto Rico. And so is the pared down to 1/2 of a spare bedroom that doubles as Dan's office. It's finally cleared off and more or less organized...and ready to scrap!!!

Here's a quick panoramic:

Sorry for it being blurry...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Long Time No Contact...Sorry

So, it's been a long time since I've updated my blog. Too much has changed and too much is up in the air right now. What I do know is: we are still the Tacoma area, I am still looking for work, Dan is still in school, and Kylene is STILL Kylene...only a bit older and a bit more grown up. I can't believe how time has flown by. I miss her earlier years, am trying to enjoy who she is today, and would like to hope that she continues to be a fun, loving, kind girl. I love her and every day I've been given with her.

Now on to bigger stuff - my scrap garage area has been organized, updated, and minialized over the last 6 months. And I am so proud of myself. I'm trying to make this happen in my entire life...slowly but surely. I've been super busy scrapping lately and will be super posting my projects and layouts.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

~ School Rules ~

~ School Rules ~
Kylene's teacher and student teacher enjoyed Hershey nugget candy in these home made candy boxes. Fun to make, fun to give.

My Corner

Relegated to a corner in the garage :-)
We are in the process of getting licensed to be foster parents and had to clear out one of the five rooms in our house. So, my scrapbook room went down and out - to the garage. Actually the space is probably better than it was upstairs but as fall settles in and winter nears, my feet get a bit chilly.

Now my project is to better organize my stuff and space so I can actually get some scrapping done!